05.14.20 UPDATE

Right Now Our Strategy is to move towards the “new normal” but with an abundance of caution.

We will be Meeting in the building this Sunday (05.17.20)  at 9:30AM

We will continue to be on Radio 105.1fm at that time as well as on Facebook Live.

When it comes to our in person gatherings, we will be practicing strict social distancing protocols. 

We want to try and eliminate multiple people touching the same surfaces and maintain a distance of 6ft apart or more. To that end, this is how things will look a little different this week. 

  • We will have an usher to hold the door open for everyone. 
  • We are encouraging folks to smile and wave instead of offering hugs, high-fives, and hand shakes with people that are not a part of everyday family life.
  • Bulletins will be already laid out in the pews. 
  • We will have seating for families on every other pew and an overflow area set up in the fellowship hall. 
  • The offering will be at the end of the service. 
  • We will offer response cards and text message responses for those who need to respond to the message.
  • There will not be any child care this week. 
  • We will have a giant bottle of hand-sanatizer out front for public use. (We do not have masks at this time, but you are welcome to wear your own if you should so choose).

As always, if you are sick, have symptoms of Covid-19, have been near someone who is sick (in the last 14 days), or are considered to be in a high-risk category, please participate with us through the radio and/or our Facebook Live Service.

We are in this together. 

Right now we are only meeting in-person in Sunday mornings but look for more opportunities to to meet as we evaluate in the days ahead.